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play therapy

child centered play therapy

Play is the children’s natural way of communication.  Play tells our story and shares our feelings.  Play Therapy builds on a child’s natural way of communication to help children heal.  It is through play that children can have a corrective emotional experience or insight about conflicts and confusions.  Healthier solutions are explored, learned, and then applied outside of the playroom.  Play Therapy is used for social, emotional, and behavioral concerns due to life stressors like divorce, death, relocations, abuse, domestic violence, etc.  The Association for Play Therapy states that Play Therapy can help children become more responsible for behaviors, develop creative solutions to problems, develop respect and acceptance of self and others, learn to express emotions, learn social and relational skills, and increased self-worth.  Each item in the playroom is picked with intentionality: provide a way to express and heal.


filial play therapy

Filial Therapy is closely related to Child Centered Play Therapy except Filial involves the parents or caregivers.  Filial helps caregivers and children develop stronger attachment as parents learn how to create a safe environment to heal.  Caregivers learn Filial in the therapy office and then apply it at home with their child.



Theraplay is another therapy which produces stronger attachment with children and their caregiver.  Theraplay uses playful activities between the child and caregiver to enhance engagement, structure, nurture, and empowerment.  Emotions are regulated, structure is respected, and safety is felt.  

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