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A Day in the Life of a Freshman College Student...

College...they say it's the best time of your life, it's when you meet all your best friends and learn how to be successful. Only time will tell if it will be the best time of my life.

I attend school in Chicago and this Monday was Freshman Orientation Week. One week to learn how to be a freshman. I could see nervousness on other students' faces. For most of us, I bet it was the first time leaving home, away from parents. Everyone feels out of their comfort zone. A benefit that I have now was that I got to come to college earlier due to football, but I was there. I can remember having those feelings, being overwhelmed. The first week for me was rough, it seemed that I was constantly running around trying to figure things out. I was exhausted! My first day, I was riding my bike in the pouring rain to get my books for class and I rode through a puddle splashing me soaked. At that moment I felt that everything was overwhelming. At that point the little experience I had with college wasn't the best time of my life. After the first few weeks I started to get into a routine: football practice, homework, class. If I could give any advice to my fellow freshman as we begin the school year, "Take a Breath." The first few days and weeks will be rough. Most everyone is in the same boat as you, but it will get better. Step by step you will find your routine. Let's enjoy the start of this new chapter!

One thing I learned this year was to talk with professors. My grade was on the borderline and I was devastated to work so hard and not reach my goal. I knew talking with high school teachers was a good idea, but I thought professors didn't care. I decided that a short email was nothing compared to all the time I spent on homework. I emailed my professor and guess what, my professor bumped my grade up. Figuring out how to walk through my nervousness allowed me to reach my goals.

Just a little update...there were times I came home discouraged. There were times I came home and I didn't want to go back to college. There were times my goal was just to pass a class. And I graduated in 2022! Adulting isn't all fun; however walking through every challenge allows us to see our failures as successes.

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